Be Unstoppable. Be like Chad.

There are 304 billion Chad tokens. 304 is a number Chad likes, if you could count all the 304s he's smashed, it would be more than all the grains of sand in all the world. tHE MORE DUMB QUESTIONS YOU ASK, THE LESS MONEY YOU MAKE.

"Just be yourself bro"

You think Chad coin won't Moon? You don't know Chad very well then do you? Chad exists, he never misses the gym, and he's been doing his research. Chad Coin is the best chance you have to get rich, but you'll need to get out of your comfort zone. Chad is like life. Life isn't fair, and it has winners and losers.

Chad is literally the reason Crypto exists, and he is literally the reason why cat ladies exist. After Chad the 304s can't go back to Beta Brad, so cats it is. Nothing ever came easy to Chad, except everything he ever wanted. Chad missed Pepe, you think he's going to fomo in late?? Hell to the no, he's made his own token and he's taking over this dumpster fire. $100m market cap projection before the 26th of May 2023. Fair launch with 20% held back for promoters and shit, HALF OF THAT GOING TO COMMUNITY SHILLER. yES, HALF. the rest stuck in liquidity. That's it, get in early, get rich, like Chad, or fomo in late like Beta Brad. TEAM sells capped at 1% of daily volume.

Chad is planning a surfing vacation in June, where he plans to crush a wave made of Beta male tears, eat raw liver, sipping Kristal and going the 304 smash world record. Lambo shopping in the afternoon. He's here to smash, you should too.

The CHAD Story

CHAD believes that everyone has the power to be great. It isn't true but that's what he believes. You can hover over the buy button worrying about losing $100 that you would just squander on consumer goods anyway or you can Chad the fuck up and fomo in. "is it A RUGPULL??" "WHAT IS THE UTILITY??" Beta Brad gets the tab later. cHAD YOLO'D IN AND IS SIPPING COCKTAILS ON A BEACH. This is the way of the world. If life gives you lemons, fuck that shit, ditch the lemons and Chad the shit out of life.